Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hello Kitty Birthday Cake

   In my first blog I did not mention that I am also a lover baking and cake decorating. I am always just waiting in the wings ready for a birthday or occasion to come up that can give me a chance to indulge in baking a fancy cake and decorating it! My little daughter turned 3 last week and that was a perfect occasion for me to indulge in my cake passion thoroughly. My daughter is a sweet little girly girl who is an avid fan of non other than Hello Kitty! So for the longest time she had been asking me to bake and decorate a Hello Kitty themed cake for her birthday.

   I am not a fan of shaped cakes which are baked in shaped baking forms. So I decided to bake a regular
round cake and just put a hand made marzipan and sugar paste Hello Kitty on the top of it.  Here is the marzipan and sugar paste Kitty and decorative flowers all ready the night before the party, ready to be installed on the cake.

hello kitty, sugar paste figurine, birthday cake
And here is the figurine and flowers installed on top of the cream cake just ready for the birthday party!

Hello Kitty, sugar figurine, cake, sugar paste, birthday
Hello Kitty Birthday Cake

       And here is the back of the Kitty figurine which is the same as the one that I saw on YouTube. I found the fashionable back of this Kitty Figurine's gown rather charming!

Hello Kitty, Cake, sugar paste, figurine,birthday
The Back of Hello Kitty's Gown

    And here is the Hello Kitty cake with the birthday candles and all.                                                      
hello kitty, birthday cake, sugar paste, fondant figurines
Hello Kitty Birthday cake

    My little girl was very pleased with her Hello Kitty cake! Mommy kept her promise:)

   Here is the cake that I made for my daughter's 2nd birthday last year. Then she was too small to decide what kind of cake she want. So I chose the theme myself. A fairytale castle! She loved this one too!

birthday cake, castle, sugar paste
Castle Birthday Cake


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