Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Purple Marquise Platter

    As I wrote in my first blog post I started porcelain painting about a year ago. I was lucky to have the best and nicest and most skillful teacher that I could ever hope for. A while ago I was thinking of starting a design inspired by baroque and rococo costumes. I love baroque art in all its forms! Especially music! Bach is my all time favorite composer. I can listen to his Brandenburg concertos from now till eternity and never get tired of it! Here is an example of Bach's greatness: Brandenburg Concerto No3, First Movement. Have a listen and let your soul enjoy!

     I also love the architecture and decorative motives of rococo and baroque eras. They are so majestic and luxurious. When I think of how simple and streamline our modern day design has become I can't help but feel a little bit of pity! I think we are the poorer for it! The craftsmanship and skills of the baroque artists are just amazing especially that they didn't have the fancy tools that we have today!


     I was interested in coming up with a design inspired by the fabulous baroque costumes. I just love the puffy skirts of ladies, the powdered wigs and all that feather!!! All very dramatic!


      So eventually I came up with this.

    I decided to call this platter "The Purple Marquise". I got my blog pen name and my logo (displayed on the upper righthand corner of this page) from this design which is now displayed on a shelf in my living room. I hope you like it!


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