Monday, March 19, 2012

My First Post!

Hi everyone! My name is Nima and I am a 34 y.o. mother of a beautiful little 3 y.o. girl.  I live with my husband and daughter in a little dreamy town in Finland called Kerava. Here we have icy-cold white winters:

And wonderfully bright and green summers.

                                                        And colorful autumns.                                                       

I am a graphics designer and choral conductor by training, but recently I have been a stay at home mom. I love being home with my little girl. But I always try to keep my creative juices flowing. So recently I have started to design fabrics on and also since a year ago have started hand painting porcelain. You can visit my fabric shop at  Nimochka's Spoonflower Shop.

I can describe my style as "grandma's style with a modern twist"! I always loved vintage and old-fashioned designs with lots of flower motifs and laces and charming needle work, but I find the old-fashioned colors a little bit too dull for my taste. I am nothing if not an aficionado of bold, bright, strong colors! Pink, turquoise, bright red, lavender, green, purple, you name it!!! I cannot live without a lot of color surrounding me! So much so that I painted a whole wall in my living room bright purple! Here! Take a look:

So the concept that I follow in my designs is to build upon old-fashioned and vintage pattern that people can find in their grandma's house, but use more bold and bright and modern looking colors and combinations. I hope there are enough people who share my taste and would appreciate my fabrics and other creations.

        This is my kitchen dinning table and my style of "Grandma with a Twist" is pretty apparent here! Although my table cloth is not my own design. It is from Pip Studio, one of the brands that I love very much!

So here I am! I am going to be blogging about my projects, my creations and my adventures while creating my projects. I will also be posting beautiful pictures of interior design and other beautiful things that capture my imagination. I hope you will follow me in this journey and enjoy my posts and photos. Make sure you take a look at my fabric collections on Nimochka's Spoonflower Shop.


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